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Practice social distancing, not ethnic distancing.

At a time when the physical health of our communities is at stake, there’s no need for racial discrimination to enter the conversation. Not now, not ever. With Covid-19, we are fighting a common enemy with our collective welfare at the top of our minds. That’s yours and mine. Our families, our friends, our neighbours. Let’s heal together during this pandemic and not inflict another wound to ourselves in the process. Practice social distancing, not ethnic distancing. Because, it’s a health issue, not a race issue.

We believe in the power of community. And we’re in this together

We are a grassroots group of concerned citizens and organizations who believe racism is evil, wrongheaded, and unjust. We are proponents of social justice and know that diversity contributes to a functional, inclusive and prosperous society—one we’d like to live in.

This campaign is run 100% by voluntary efforts. Join us, won’t you?

Help us expand our message and change attitudes.

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Thank You!

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